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Product - Figs


  • Flavor: Sweet
  • Content: Cellulose,calcium,sodio,iron,potassium,silicon and chlorin. The potassium and the sugars that it contains, increase the secretion of the urine, reason why it is  recommended  to the hypertension , sick  of the kidneys and the those who retain liquids. Thanks to their wealth in match is excellent for the nerves and the brain.
  • Uses: In Sweet, Desserts, Fresh Fruit, Mermelade





It belongs to the group of the sweet fruits.

It's used as essential remedy for the diarrhea for their quantity of tatino. It possesses hight content of digestible fibers. It is used to cure the constipation and help to regule the illnesses of the ovaries. The fresh figs combat the fatigue. They are energy, tonic and restorative.